Breaking the teacher’s dress code

When mother used to ask me “What did you learn in school today?” I used to blush, especially on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when we had science. It wasn’t enough that we were learning about human bodies and reproductive organs, our teacher, Mrs. Free Spirit (not her real name), made it a point that she be a living image of what our minds could only imagine at the time. Thank God she wasn’t aware of “hands on” approaches to learning at the time, but that brings up the issue of appropriate dress code for teachers.

For as much as I looked forward to science class, our teacher’s choice of garment left me distracted not only during science but for the duration of the day and often night. Teachers should not dress in a way that distracts students from learning. Teachers with tasteless color neckties, crumbled shirts, short pants, see -through T-shirts and funny hairdos are bound to divert attention from the intended lesson.

It’s time teachers join the students in wearing costumes, like doctors, judges and even clowns do when facing their audience. It would certainly help not to hire teachers who are crossed-eyed, suffering from bad breath or lax about hygiene. I call these close encounters of the fourth kind.

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