Entering the Arab education market

Education companies, publishers, curriculum designers, teachers and many other companies and individuals involved in K-12 learning are salivating at the mouth for an opportunity to enter the Arab education market. Quite simply, education in the Arab region is witnessing a renaissance of sorts, as interest in providing high quality education is riding a wave that won’t crest for a long time, if ever.

There are several ways to enter this market where spending reaches $26 billion . A company might try direct mail, email and other marketing directed response to establish contact with schools, operators, universities and local publishers. It might try to establish synergy and cooperation agreements with local suppliers, or it might scope the territory for opportunities and try to establish key contacts in the field.

The Middle East though cannot be treated in the typical fashion companies do when trying to establish a presence in a new market. Understanding the cultural peculiarities is paramount before any trust is established as a prerequisite for business dealings. In that respect, traditional marketing strategies may or may not work, but one thing is for sure: they are both time consuming and costly with no guaranteed results.

The efficient thing to do is find an educational company that has key contacts, experience and insight into the workings of the market and its culture. This company should have marketing services offering to maintain client relations, collect data and coordinate the supply of educational material and services.

If you’re looking for a consultant with those specifications, kindly leave a comment and we will attempt to provide you with good leads.

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  1. You say right.
    To deal a business in any country or a region, the culture and market analysis and study is essential.
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