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Is student spanking making a comeback?

I recently read an article about US schools seeking parents’ approval to occasionally spank students who misbehave or are consistently perverse to learning. It led me to think that some schools are having difficulties managing problem-students without the old-fashioned, now unethical, butt spanking or hand slapping that teachers unilaterally adopted over the years.

I remember from high school having one or two “correctional officers” and pain inflicting sadists posing as teachers. All that these teachers’ actions generated were fears and fight or flight responses, but contributed nothing towards improving my or other students’ education. What led to abolishing this practice was that it was abused beyond the purpose it was originally allowed, which is to realign some attitudes and enforce discipline. Are today’s student so undisciplined to deserve the return of steel rimmed rulers, face and butt slapping or other class humiliating actions, like making a grade five student strip in class for failing to hand in homework- another weird story coming to us from India’s education sector.

If we don’t turn back the clock, how do we then discipline students? Suspend them all? Does that work?

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