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Lack of Arabic Content

The chief strategist of Etisalat, one of the two telecom providers in the UAE, believes that there is not enough Arabic content on the internet to take full advantage of newly built broadband networks in the region.
It is an interesting exercise to ponder on that comment.
Not that the increase in bandwidth in the region is only beneficial if content in Arabic is abundant, but we would like to list some of the reasons why we believe there is scarcity in that area.
1- The widespread use of the English language in the region
2- Technology is being produced in the English language (here’s another pondering station)
3- Content is directly linked to freedom of expression
4- The Arabic language is common to the region only in its classical form. This means that the written language is different the spoken one.
5- Creativity, although present in the region, is not widespread (see freedom of expression)

The problem boils down to a very important issue which is the quality of the teaching of the Arabic language in schools as well as the quality of teaching in the Arabic language.

Before content is produced, we need to produce those who can churn out that content. Our kids are as bright as any. But they are not intrigued by the Arabic language. And it is not their fault.

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