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Making boys read Girls are more avid readers than boys, although both sexes are falling behind with what educators believe is necessary to cultivate the mind and improve reading, writing and speaking skills. We are looking for articles of successful attempts at making boys (and girls) read.
Special needs children Students who are deaf or suffering from Autism, ADD, ADHD, LD, Dyslexia and other learning difficulties are part of what schools have a hard time dealing with. Even the “gifted” require delicate care to steer them in the right direction. We are looking for articles that discuss one or more of the following:

  • How to manage a special needs child in the classroom?
  • Role of parents in the Arab world in recognizing and accepting that their kids have learning disabilities
  • Discrimination against that group in schools or universities
  • Articles of kids with learning difficulties Successfully overcoming their handicap
  • What do we do with “gifted” kids and do we treat them differently?
  • Other topics that you might suggest
Dealing with a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic classroom environment This is very common in the Middle East. We have students of Arab, Indian, European Asian and American origins sharing the same classroom environment. As a teacher, how do you deal with that? What are the challenges, solutions or suggestions that you can offer from your experience?
Obesity in children   Are children in the Middle East suffering from the same “Fast Food” epidemic that US or Asian students suffer from? What about any school diet programs or even government control over what students eat?
Teenage years We are all familiar with the West’s experience with the problems associated with teens, such pregnancy, smoking, drugs and alcohol. Is the Middle East any different? What is the most pressing problem that Arab teenagers are suffering from? In teenage years, we would like to know how teachers motivate this group who are easily bored with books and traditional chalk and talk teaching ways.
Controlling Absenteeism Here we are looking for articles on schools or school teachers able to motivate children to attend their regular classes with minimal absenteeism. Absenteeism is also related to children having difficulties at home especially when parents are either divorced or experiencing socio-economic problems.
IT in learning How much does Information Technology help in learning? Writers are at liberty to discuss any topic within this theme including comparative learning strategies, student blogs and social networking sites, learning portals, interactive whiteboards, tablets, SMS and chat, games, etc.
Home Schooling Is home schooling as efficient as when kids go to a school? What about the social aspect of interacting with peers, teachers, administrators, etcetera? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Can parents administer their own version of home schooling?
Core Knowledge This very liberal way of teaching is catching on in the west. How different is it from the IB? Are schools in the Arab world considering this new method of teaching?
Dealing with parents How does a teacher or school get parents involved in their kids’ schooling? How to convince parents that their kids need special attention? What role model can parents play for their children to perform better at school?